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Escape From Wonderland 2013

Posted: August 28th, 2013 3:13PM

Wonderland’s twisted sister rises again! Last year, Alice entered the Slaughter House to enact her revenge. Now, as autumn descends upon our mortal world, the clock is ticking down to another haunting odyssey. On October 26th, we invite you deeper down the rabbit hole as Insomniac's signature Halloween experience—Escape From Wonderland—returns.

This Halloween weekend, a dark curse will be cast over Wonderland. Succumb to sinister beats from dance music’s most mesmerizing mavens while caught under the spell of otherworldly performers and roaming creatures of the night. Wander through a graveyard of spine-chilling art installations, where one wrong turn could land you in one of our three custom-built haunted houses. From cannibal tea parties to rabid Red Queens, you never know what dark surprises you’ll find in a Wonderland gone MAD. There's no escaping the twisted visions of your imagination. There's no Escape From Wonderland!

Stay tuned for, Performer Announcements, Ticket Info, Venue Information and more terrifying details!