Nocturnal Wonderland

Nocturnal Wonderland History

This year celebrates the 17th anniversary of Nocturnal Festival in California. Over the years it has truly become a staple in the minds of electronic music fans across the country and now we are bringing you your very own Nocturnal Festival Texas. For two nights Apache Pass Event Center in Downtown Texas will be transformed into an enchanted wonderland, full of the same unparalleled production and attention to your experience that Insomniac has become known for. 


Gather one and all from all walks and points upon the globe, feast your eyes upon the sounds, hear the colors come alive. Explore the mysteries within the music, experience the wonder that is this life, this time, this moment. Gather together your deepest of energies. Let this night scream into the universe and shake the foundations of all creation. The time is now!

We, the insomniac people, believe there is a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS that draws us together into these unique and magical environments. We truly hope EVERYONE leaves our events a deeper, happier and wiser person. For at the heart of these events, we believe that LOVE is what pumps the BASS thru the speakers, and all the head-nods and movement the music causes is a MUTUAL AGREEMENT to make this world a better and brighter place.


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