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Beyond Wonderland 2011 Official Trailer

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The time is upon us again. Time to push forward, journey past the boundaries we once encountered, and see what lies on the other side. We will embark on a new adventure to the far side of the forest and explore what exists beyond. It is time to stimulate the senses and delight all of those who have been seeking a return to the amazing hues and vibrance of Wonderland and far Beyond. It is time to journey back down the rabbit hole! March 19th 2011. NOS Events Center, San Bernardino CA. For a complete listing of our future events please visit: Track Listing: Wolfgang Gartner; 'Space Junk'

EDC New York City 2014 Official Trailer


Celebrate with us as the EDC experience returns to Metlife Stadium this Memorial Day weekend. New York, are you ready to r...

Basscon 2014 Official Trailer


Basscon is here to quench your thirst for all things hard dance! Join D-Block & S-te-fan, Isaac, Darksiderz, SAY MY NAME, ...

EDC MEXICO 2014 Official Trailer


EDC Mexico makes its debut on March 15-16, 2014. In partnership with OCESA, the festival will bring our signature audiovis...

EDC MEXICO 2014 Teaser Trailer


The Road to EDC Vegas heads south as Insomniac makes its first festival appearance in Mexico. Headliners, the Electric Dai...

White Wonderland 2013 Official Trailer

65701 White Wonderland ::: December 31, 2013 ::: Anaheim Convention Center All White Dress Code, 21+ Joi...

EDC Vegas 2014 Official Announcement

1372933 EDC Las Vegas June 20-22, 2014 Pre Sale Dates: Headliner Loyalty Nov 25 @NoonPST Early Ow...

EDC Orlando 2013 Official Trailer

104611 Orlando! The time is drawing near for us to once again gather under the electric...

Escape from Wonderland 2013 Official Trailer


As Hallows Eve approaches, the veil between the two worlds grows thin. The Queen and her Court rest in pieces but Alice wi...

Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2013 Official Trailer


Were you there when the magic happened under a beautiful Northern California sky? When thousands of Headliners and otherwo...

Nocturnal Wonderland 2013 Official Trailer


When night falls, the owl keeps a watchful eye over the magic and mystery of Wonderland. Grab your closest friends and pre...

Official EDC Puerto Rico 2013 Trailer


Paradise is calling you... Our celebration On the Road to EDC, Las Vegas 2014 continues with a 2-day escape to the beautif...

EDC Vegas 2013 Official Trailer


Each day, we come closer to celebrating the magic of life together at the 17th annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas...

EDC London 2013 Official Trailer


Join us during the summer of love as we embark on our first international Electric Daisy Carnival experience! Insomniac an...

EDC New York 2013 Official Trailer


Special Announcement Coming Tomorrow!!*** This May, Insomniac brings the EDC experience back to New York City for a 2-nigh...

Countdown to Beyond Wonderland 2013


The world of Wonderland is coming alive. Insomniac is opening the gateway at The San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds and tra...

Beyond Wonderland 2013 Official Trailer


On March 16, 2013 join us at the San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds for the next chapter of Wonderland and Beyond... Beyond...

EDC Chicago 2013 Official Trailer


Celebrate with us as Electric Daisy Carnival makes its debut in the Midwest on Memorial Day weekend. Chicago, are you read...

Basscon Trailer


As the inaugural Basscon event looms closer to detonation, we are excited to bring you a new experience where all style of...

Halfway to EDC Vegas 2013 Teaser


Join Insomniac as we celebrate the halfway mark on the road back to EDC Las Vegas 2013! For four days, December 27th - 30t...

White Wonderland NYE 2012 Official Trailer


Join Insomniac again as we bring in 2013 at White Wonderland in Southern California! Step into a fully transformed world o...

Countdown to EDC Orlando 2012


This weekend we're journeying back to Tinker Field to celebrate another year of EDC Orlando! Prepare to explore three stag...

EDC Vegas 2013 Dates & On Sale Announcement


After hosting more than 320000 fans beneath the desert sky this past summer, Insomniac is excited to announce our return t...

Escape from Wonderland Thank You Video


Track: 'Precession' (Escape Edit) by: Kayzo (Discovery Project winner)

Countdown to Escape from Wonderland 2012


We are merely moments away from entering the twisted world of Wonderland. Alice has risen from the dead and is about to st...

Escape from Wonderland 2012 Official Trailer / Alice's Revenge


Track: 'Bloodlust' (Escape original mix) by: BUNNY (Thumper Music) GET IT NOW!

Spin the Vote Campaign 2012


track info: "In The Air" by Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard, and BT (Featuring Angel McClusky) Purchase on iTunes: http:...

Countdown to Beyond Wonderland Bay Area


After three incredible years in Southern California, Insomniac has been busy building and creating all week in order to de...

Countdown to Nocturnal Wonderland 2012


Track Info: The Sky feat. Linnea Schossow by: Mat Zo (extended mix) Buy the track here: or http://btp...

The Discovery Project at EDC Las Vegas 2012


Track 1: Paris & Simo - "Nova" Buy the track here: Track 2: James Egbert -"Isle of Capri" Buy the tra...

Nocturnal Wonderland 2012 Official Trailer


When the sun sets over Wonderland, our Nocturnal adventure begins. Join us again as we descend into a magical world of mys...

Beyond Bay Area Announce Trailer 2012


Music: "Beyond" by ArchVillain (Bunny of RITM & Krister Linder) After three incredible years in Southern California, Insom...

EDC 2012 Post-Event Trailer


Download the track here!:: As the sun rose over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Monday morning and ED...

Countdown To EDC Las Vegas 2012


Track: Idgafos Artist: Dillon Francis Label: Mad decent Purchase:

EDC 2012 Official Trailer


Track:1 Martin Solveig - "The Night Out" (A-Trak VS Martin Rework) Download the track here: Track:2 K...

EDMbiz Conference preview with Kaskade and Jason Bentley


EDMbiz Conference The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas June 5 -- 7, 2012 The Business Conference of Electronic Dance Music Connec...

Countdown to EDC New York


Track: Every Day (original Mix) by : Rusko Download the track here! :: Our tireless production crew h...

Countdown to Beyond Wonderland 2012


Credits: Track 1: Robo Booty by Opiuo Track 2: Loist Moinal by Opiuo Link:

Beyond Wonderland 2012 Official Trailer


Track Listings:: Song 1: 'Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker' By Dada Life. Song 2: 'Happy Violence' By Dada Life. Download th...

EDC NYC Announce trailer


Track listing: 'Beat Goes On' -by Revolvr & Charles (Charles Deluxe Remix) Download the track here! T...

‪Nocturnal Wonderland Texas 2012 Teaser‬


Track Listing: 'Promise Me A Rose Garden' by The M Machine Download the track here! itunes: Beatport:...